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Tell me your secrets baby ♥

Bella, homework for you.

I want you to come back to your room when you’re done from your night out.  From the moment you get back you are to follow these instructions or you will be punished.

1) As soon as you are alone you are to begin documenting with snap shots.  I want you to take a photo of each piece of your clothing you undress out of, as it drops to the floor.  However you decide to picture it.

2) I want you to take a shower, or a bath, your choice.  Think about me as the soapy bubbles cover your skin.  Imagine my hands cleaning your neck and back, and down your arms.  Holding you as the hot water its our heads and dribbles down the cracks between us as I hold you.  You are ONLY to touch your pussy and asshole to clean them.

3) Get into an outfit you want to cum in, take a photo.

4) Get into bed, so your comfortable.  I want you to turn your voice recorder on either your phone or your computer.  From the moment it starts I want you to talk to me directly, telling me what you just did, describe where you are and what you’re wearing.  I want you to then proceed to cum as many times as you want.  HOWEVER, you are to talk to me describing your actions, noting when you’re orgasming each time.  Talking dirty to me just as I am in the fantasy in your head.

5) When you are done, maybe the next day, I want you to put it all in an email, the sound clip included, and send it to me immediately.  Do as your told or you will get your first “F” ever.


This Bella


3am Love

Bella, do you know how badly I want to fuck your little ass. 

I can’t stop picturing you between my legs.
Yes please.

Eating your pussy until my chin is dripping and your thighs are squishing my face
Let me in Bella

:p :p

Truths and Lies: Lydia (part 31) 

He kisses me as we fall onto his bed, our arms wrapped around each other. “You got a little freaked when I slipped my thumb up your ass, but you relaxed. You liked it.”

I groan, kissing my way down his neck.

“I want you to try something for me today.”

“Anything.” I mumble, licking one of his nipples, then the other.

“Use your teeth.” He instructs and I do. “Aww, very good little one.” He breathes. He gently pushes me away from him and stands up, letting the towel fall away from his body. Immediately heat rushes through me, causing my pale skin to flush and my insides to spasm. John smiles at me knowingly and walks over to his left side end table. He opens it up and I know he’s going to pull out something naughty.

“I want you to wear this all day.”

My eyes go wide and my heart starts racing.

“All day?” I whisper.

“Yes. Will you do this for me?”

I take a deep breath and check his eyes. I smile and shake my head, “Yes sir.” I answer softly and roll over for him. “Will you…be gentle?”

“I promise.” He smiles down at me and grabs a bottle of lube from the top of the same end table. “If you decide you want to invite Jax to join us, this will make it a little easier for you.”

“If we, I mean, if Jax,” I let out a deep breath, “Who would be where?”

John takes my face in his hands and gently kisses my lips. “It could be your choice but I don’t want you to think you have to have both of us like that. There are other options.”

“I know.” I whisper.

“But you want it.”

“Does that disappoint you?” My stomach drops at the thought of letting John down.

“No.” He kisses me again, “If you lie to me I’ll be disappointed. If you keep secrets from me, I’ll be disappointed. But I’ll never hold telling the truth against you. We have to be honest with each other in order for this to work.”

“Being with you feels right.” I kiss his swollen lips. “But I’m really curious about being with two.”

John smiles, “You’re blushing, what are you hiding from me?”

“You and Jax are straight, you’ve never,”

“Not even a kiss.”

“Would you? For me?” I ask biting my lower lip.

“You want me to kiss Jax?” He raises his eye brows.

“It doesn’t have to be Jax.”

“You want to see me with another guy?”

“A little curious maybe.”

John smiles, “How about I promise to consider it and you promise be open to fulfilling a little fantasy of mine?”

“What fantasy would that be?”

He leans down and whispers in my ear, “In public.”

“How public?” I ask.

“Very public.”

I bite my lip and smile. “I’ll consider it.”

He smiles and kisses me, “Good, now let’s get back to my little toy.”

“It’s not exactly little.”

“It’s smaller than me.”

“That’s not saying much.” I laugh and grab his semi-hard cock.

“You’re such a slut.” He laughs and smacks my bare ass. “Let’s try to make this a little easier on you.” He leans down, kisses me and pulls me on top of him. We kiss for a short time before he tells me to flip around, putting us at opposite ends of each other, in what some call the sixty-nine position. Taking John’s lead I slowly lick the length of him, teasing the underside of his semi-hard cock.

We tease each other for a while. John takes his time, building me up using only his lips and tongue until I’m dripping wet. Using my hands and mouth, I work him until he’s hard as a rock. In the far back of my mind I know what we’re working towards and it’s more than orgasm, but John won’t deny me what I crave. As my body reaches its peak John slips the cool jelly tip inside of me, coating it with my own juices. He fucks me slowly with it, drawing out the pleasure with in me. His tongue attacks my tight puckered hole causing my entire body to shake.

“John,” I moan thrusting my ass out to meet his mouth. “Oh God, oh.” My body shutters.

“You’re going to need to breathe through this.” He says quietly, moving the now slick jelly tip between my cheeks. “We’re going to take this nice and slow.” His voice is deep and calming, sending vibrations through my body. “Ready?”

I nod and suck him deep in my throat. His body spasms against mine taking my mind off of the silicon toy being pushed inside of me.

“Breathe little one and try to relax.” 

I take a deep breath and slowly let it out. John works the tip a little deeper inside of me, slowly coaxing it in.

“Play with clit.”

His words send a jolt of electricity through my body. I groan and reach down between my legs, I’m surprised to find how wet I am. I circle my clit a few times before slipping a couple fingers deep inside me. John flicks his tongue out, hitting my clit, sending a wave of heat through my body. Which allows him to push the clear plug a little deeper. I groan and push against the plug.

“Don’t force it.” He whispers, his breath teasing my wet lips.

I bend down to look between my legs. The sight sends chills up my body. “It’s barely in.” I whine.

“We’ll get there. It’s just going to take some time.”

I pout, “I’m not a patient person.”

“You’ll either find some patience or I’ll cuff you to the bed and force you to be come patient.”

His words cause me to convulse, shoving more of the plug inside of me.

“Oh fuck.” I groan against the bite of pain that quickly turns to pleasure.

“As I was saying, you need to be patient.”

“Then stop teasing me with things you know I want.” I beg, sucking his still hard cock into my mouth.

John slaps my ass and thrusts his hips, sending his cock deeper in my mouth. I suck him hard and he pulls out quickly giving me a chance to take a breath. Just as I start to exhale he pushes more of the plug inside of me.

“John.” I moan grabbing at his ass cheeks. My body begins to sweat, my hearts racing, my body shaking.

“Come here.” He whispers pulling my wet pussy down on to his face. His relaxed tongue attacks my clit gently messaging it. My hips take over, grinding against his tongue.

“Awww God.” I moan allowing the waves of pleasure to crash over me.

John takes advantage of my distracted body and pushes more than half of the slick plug inside of me but it’s the vibrations that send me over the edge.

“Fuck it vibrates.” I yell out bucking my hips hard.

“Hey.” John yells, slapping my clit hard.

“Oh mother fucker.”

“What did you just say?” And he slaps me again. The pleasure-pain of the slap sends me over the edge again and I yell out. John pushes the plug deeper, almost to the hilt. “What did you say?”

“I’m sorry sir.” I whimper caught up in the powerful sensations surging through my body. “Oh fuck it’s too much.” I cry. “I can’t do it.”

“Yes you can. Relax and ride it out. Lydia.” He warns me and I know I need to find a way to make it right.

I push my shoulders off of his legs and bend at the waist, pushing my ass higher in the air. I rest my forehead on his stomach and shove a few fingers deep inside my wet hole. Then I move them up to my clit and begin feverishly rubbing. My body is shaking uncontrollably, my hand moving faster than ever before.

“A little bit more.” John encourages me.

I lick John’s tight abs trying my best to concentrate on my approaching orgasm and the feel of his muscular body below me. With my free hand I begin to stroke his hard cock. I circle his belly button and dip my tongue in, causing him to buck against my body. It’s exactly what I need. He groans loudly and I come hard, my entire body convulsing violently. John pushes the rest of the plug inside of me and turns the vibrations up.

I scream and collapse on top of him.

John gives me a few minutes to recover before rolling me over and sinking his thick, hard cock between my wet, swollen lips.

“Oh my god.” I moan, digging my short nails into the skin on his shoulders. I feel the tears in my eyes as I look up at him. “I can’t take anymore.” I cry almost silently.

“Yes you can.” He kisses my forehead and pounds into me hard and fast. Every time he thrusts down the plug hits me deep inside sending a wave of overwhelming pleasure-pain ripping through my body. “You. Owe. Me. An. Apology.” He says with every thrust.

“Yes sir. I’m sorry sir.” I cry out biting down hard on my lower lip.

“You’ll show me just how sorry you are later.”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you want to know how?” He asks pumping faster and biting down on my right nipple.

“YES!” I gasp pulling at the sheets to keep from screaming.

John bends his head and whispers in my ear, “When we’re done here you will put the clamps on your nipples and will spend the rest of the day waiting on Jax and I. Doing every thing we ask. You will not dress and our little toy will remain in your ass until I’m ready to take it out. You will not touch yourself. And you are not to come with out my say so. Is that understood?”

“Yes sir.” I moan and bite down on his shoulder.

“Good girl.” He says with two deep thrusts before sending us both over the edge.

“JOHN!” I cry kissing him hard, tears of indescribable pleasure threatening to escape my eyes.

“Oh fuck Lydia.” He groans, his body shuttering against mine.

Bella, I want you today.

God, i want to eat a pussy.. Please?
I’ve had reports that you’ve been receiving dirty emails at work.  I think your vagina was soaking wet not more than half an hour ago, judging by the feel.  It feels to me like you possibly even masturbated in the toilet.
You know that such behaviour in the office will not be tolerated.  Disciplinary action will have to be taken.  But if you cooperate, this doesn’t have to go on your staff record.  We can deal with this problem discretely within my office.
Standing you up I zip your skirt down and off.  You open your mouth to protest but nothing comes out as you feel the material slip down and lightly rest on the floor leaving you in the your white lace panties and bra.  Embarrassed to be wearing your premium panties for a mear work day at the office you are uncertain how to feel putting it on display.  Emotionless I stare at you as I massage your tits and coat my fingers in your juices with my other hand.  Your head is in the air in ecstasy trying to make a noise but find no voice in your throat.  You want this violation to continue as far as it will go.  You slowly spread your legs wider to accomodate me but I have moved behind you and inserted my fingers into your drenched pussy from behind.  More than accommodating my 2 fingers in your pussy.

Madame misses Monsieur… His lips, his touch, his voice, his wonderful hard cock inside of my impatient pussy… 

Madame is now waiting for a guest

Madame misses Monsieur… *sigh* … she’s dreaming about his fingers sliding underneath her dress… Looking for her horny pussy…. flooded with delicious warm juice.